In a previous post, I noted that I had observed surprisingly few Halloween decorations with cloth masks, playing off New York City’s response to the persistent Wuhan Plague. While protective mask jokes have not been in vogue, I have found that Halloween spiders definitely are. For example, see the growing family of green Halloween spiders below, taken in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens:

A picture of five green Halloween spiders adorning a brownstone in Carroll Gardens.
I took this picture in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, in October 2020. KODAK Digital Still Camera

This is one of many examples of people using spiders to adorn their homes for Halloween. Note the flourishes on this one. We have five spiders of varying sizes and a spider web. While I did not check to confirm, you can imagine an extra spider being added every other day just to see if anyone notices. I cannot help but note the eerie, almost radioactive green hue of our eight-legged friends in the picture. The home is only a relatively short walk from the infamously toxic Gowanus Canal – I will leave it up to you to decide if that is a mere coincidence.

While I do not know why spiders are in season this Halloween, this particular arachnid arrangement is the best implementation of the trend that I have encountered on my walks. We can only hope that the number of Halloween spiders at the home has not doubled since I last checked.