I walked past Gourmet Fresh supermarket in the Brooklyn New York City neighborhood of Carroll Gardens. A large, inflatable turkey leaping from a pumpkin arrested my attention.

A photograph of an inflatable turkey with a pilgrim hat emerging from an inflatable pumpkin that says "Happy Thanksgiving!"

While we have covered some ambiguous holiday decorations in the past, the presence of the text “Happy Thanksgiving!” establishes the purpose of this inflatable decoration clearly and beyond doubt. The fact that we have a turkey wearing a pilgrim hat would have probably been sufficient to discern the intentions of the inflatable’s designers even without the pumpkin-text. Unlike some un-seasonal rotting gourds that have featured in our pages – the presence of this decoration was altogether fitting and proper, for I happened upon it on the afternoon of November 20, 2023.

After taking photos of the turkey, I purchased one of the five pound bags of potatoes seen just to the right of the turkey (I could not pass on this deal like I once passed on a three-pound bag of carrots at a different grocery in the area).

Unfortunately, my photos were a little bit too dark thanks to the awning overhanging the festive turkey. Thus, I made sure to get a close-up of the turkey’s face (and hat):

Close-up of the face of an inflatable turkey wearing a pilgrim hat.

This photo captures the majesty of the turkey.

The weather has been mostly mild as of late, so I hope to see this Thanksgiving turkey stay upright through the upcoming holiday unlike a more unfortunate inflatable turkey seen in a different part of Carroll Gardens in 2022.