The New Leaf Journal is not a single topic writing website. I have written about subjects including video game history, letters penned by former U.S. presidents, hair color in anime, meaningful productivity, nineteenth century women’s fashion, installing Linux on old computers, visual novel reviews, fictional dialogues about rotting pumpkins, and much more.

But at the root of the matter, my goal is to always provide readers with fresh content worth their time.

A photograph of a sign which reads 5LB BBAG CARROT $2.99 affixed to a cardboard box full of 5 pound bags of carrots. In the background you can see a box of loose green beans.
Seen at Mr. Beet on Smith Street in the Brooklyn NYC neighborhood of Boerum Hill.

I apologize for the terrible puns, but I can never miss a chance to be punny. I photographed this deal on 5 pound bags of carrots at a fruit and vegetable grocery store called Mr. Beet on Smith Street between Warren and Baltic Streets in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Boerum Hill. I did not buy the 5 pounds of carrots, but I did purchase red lettuce, squash, and raspberries.

But the real reason that I am sharing this photo of carrots is to remind readers that I have also covered root vegetable vocabulary words, inflatable root vegetables, and depictions of anthropomorphic root vegetables.