I often turn to repositories of public domain images when I am not using my own photos (or “art”) to illustrate New Leaf Journal content. Project Gutenberg is responsible for most of the public domain contributions to our humble online magazine, but I have been turning to Openclipart with some regularity as of late. While searching for an image for a recent post, I came across the Openclipart contributions of oksmith – an Openclipart librarian who has collected many terrific images from Japanese websites for creating and sharing public domain images.

I first stumbled upon oksmith’s contributions when a vegetable head character caught my attention. I then discovered that there were many vegetable head characters. There are more vegetable head characters that did not show up in the search I just linked. We even have other kinds of food-head-characters. For this article, however, I will focus on Turnip Head, a certain malcontent turnip girl.

"Turnip Head," an image of a malcontent turnip girl, was found on Openclipart and is in the public domain.
“Who are you calling napiform?”
Turnip Head can be found on Openclipart. The image is in the public domain, so you are free to share, modify, remix, and reuse. I recommend using the original if you want to use Turnip Head because I converted the image from PNG to JPG and compressed it for publication here.

That turnip looks displeased. Did someone say something to her? When I saw the image, I thought of the article I published last August on the word napiform, which means turnip-shaped. Did someone call the turnip girl napiform? Did she not appreciate that? In her case, it would be a compliment!

(Alternatively, perhaps my New Leaf Journal colleague, Victor V. Gurbo, decided make money in Animal Crossing by selling turnips instead of farming gold roses.)

But I digress, the turnip girl is one of the many terrific illustrations posted by oksmith to Openclipart, and I encourage you to browse through the collection (I am sure that more will find their way into The New Leaf Journal). As for the turnip girl, you can find the original posting of the image on Public Domain HQ (Japanese).