Below, you will find a brief dialogue featuring Justin and Justina, two fictional and similarly-named friends who have made many appearances here at The New Leaf Journal. In today’s dialogue, a “Learn to Bird” flier in DUMBO, Brooklyn, catches Justina’s attention. We can count on Justin to respond in the most sensible away, as always.

The “Learn to Bird” Dialogue

Justina: Look at this funny flier. “Learn to bird.”

A flier from Wild City NYC captioned "LEARN TO BIRD" - on a post in DUMBO, Brooklyn, but with much of the text cut off by an alternate side of the street parking sign.
I (N.A.F) photographed the flier somewhere near the DUMBO-Vinegar Hill border in Brooklyn, using my Teracube 2e phone camera. Edited for publication by Victor V. Gurbo. If you are interested in learning to bird with Wild City NYC, you can visit the organization on social media.

Justin: Chirp.
Justina: Huh?
Justin: Bok.
Justina: …Are you making bird noises at me?
Justin: I was testing you. If you thought those were mere bird noises, you better sign up to learn to bird. I am surprised you didn’t get it.
Justina: That can’t possibly be what this is for.
Justin: QUACK.
Justina: I think you are, yes.
Justin: Do you know what I just said in “duck”?
Justina: I don’t want to.
Justin: I said, and I quote – because only a modest mallard quotes himself – “I am definitely not taking advantage of the fact that Justina probably does not know what birding is and the part of this flier that would explain it is covered by a parking information sign.”
Justina: Sometimes I hate you.
Justin: But was my premise wrong?
Justina: No. That’s why I hate you.
Justin: HONK.
Justina: …
Justin: “Let’s go look at some birds.”
Justina: Oh, that makes sense. But I don’t want to, it’s cold.
Justin: COO! “State of mind.”
Justina: …
Justin: Don’t get your feathers in a bunch.