Below, you will find a fictional dialogue between Justin and Justina, two unusual-yet-similarly-named friends. In this conversation, Justin reveals that Justina’s boyfriend still owes her presents for White Day on March 14 after he took her out for dinner on Valentine’s Day. What is White Day? What game is Justin playing? Read on to find out.

Dialogue 〜 White Day Reciprocity

This dialogue covers a conversation between Justin and Justina on Element Messenger. This post is not sponsored. Consider it free advertising, Element.

A collage of chocolate dishes clipped from "Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes" by Maria Parola and Janet McKenzie Hill.
I created this collage by copying and pasting pictures of chocolate from “Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes” by Janet McKenzie Hill and Maria Parola. At first I thought it was lazy, but then I spent a great deal of time organizing the chocolate.

The Date Summary

Justin: How was your Valentine’s date?
Justina: It was good. He took me out to dinner and gave me a pretty necklace.
Justin: He gave you a necklace? Well.
Justina: Well what? Of course he did. It was Valentine’s and I’m special.
Justin: I mean… White Day is coming up.
Justina: What day?
Justin: I’m triggered.
Justina: Huh?
Justin: You’re not appropriating Japanese culture.
Justina: …
Justin: Very triggering.

What is White Day?

Justina: So what is White Day?
Justin: In Japan, girls give boys chocolate on Valentine’s. Boys then reciprocate on White Day, which falls on March 14.
Justina: So he has to buy me a White Day present?
Justin: That’s exactly it.
Justina: Really?
Justin: Rules are rules. I don’t make the rules. I just tell you the rules. These are the rules.
Justina: So I can tell him that he has to buy me stuff for White Day?
Justin: You have an obligation to guide him down the right path. That path is a White Day present.
Justina: Does it matter that I gave him a stuffed armadillo instead of chocolate?
Justin: I thought I was the only one you gave stuffed armadillos to.
Justina: It’s the same one I gave you. I accidentally ordered two and was too lazy to return the extra.

What’s a Reciprocal White Day Gift for a Stuffed Armadillo?

Justin: A stuffed armadillo, huh.
Justina: No good?
Justin: He still owes you. Could be good. Need to consult my White Day present chart.
Justina: You have a White Day present chart?
Justin: Sec. Looking in my “Things I’ll Never Need” folder.
Justina: Faster! I’m excited.
Justin: Alright, I got it.
Justina: …
Justin: His minimum gift threshold for White Day is a stuffed anteater or sloth.
Justina: …
Justin: Anything worse and you’ll have to dump him.
Justina: I guess sloths are cute…
Justin: If he gives you an anteater and you don’t want it, may I have it?
Justina: …