I have been seeing “King Baby” graffiti pop up in Brooklyn in Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, and the Columbia Street Waterfront District. Before May 19, 2021, I had only seen the “King Baby” graffiti on walls and other stationary objects. But on the evening of May 19, I came across Mr. Baby’s most ambitious target (that I know of, at least), a truck in Gowanus (not far from where I once rescued a fallen trash can).

A commercial truck covered in graffiti parked in Gowanus, Brooklyn.  The purple "KING BABY" graffiti looks new and stands out.
I took this photo with the Open Camera App on my Motorola Moto e6. Victor edited it for publication. I’m not sure who Mr. “20BANDZ” is. The other “artists” have very poor spray-man-ship, so I cannot read their illuminating content.

Who is King Baby? Why is is he tagging so many spots in a select group of Brooklyn neighborhoods with his moniker? Does anyone in the New York City government clean this stuff up anymore or are we just hurtling backwards toward the 1970s and 80s? Has “King Baby” been made aware that he could use paper for his artwork? Even a drawing program would suffice.


But I must concede that there is logic to tagging a truck. It is similar to the the Subway car graffiti from the bad old days, which seems to be making a comeback. Tag a stationary target and only people who walk by it will see it. Tag a moving target and bring your tag to the masses with very little effort.

King Baby is industrious. King Baby is evolving. For better or worse.