“Everything is bigger in Texas” – or so the saying goes. I just came back from a trip to San Antonio as of the publication date of this article. I saw many big things. See, for example, these three very big chairs at the San Antonio Botanical Garden:

Three giant oversized red lawn chairs in the Sun against a backdrop of trees and foliage seen at the San Antonio Botanical Garden.

You can glean an idea of how big the chairs are against the trees in the background. While an ordinary adult can (literally) climb into the chairs, I doubt that any adult is of sufficient size to find them especially comfortable. I am not sure why the San Antonio Botanical Garden has three giant lawn chairs since I did not come across an explanation. However, they do not appear to be new. Ms. Donna Janke posted a photo from what appears to have been a 2015 trip to the garden showing two oversized lawn chairs of the same design, one blue and one the same or similar shade of red to the chairs in my above photograph.

Lawn chairs aside – the San Antonio Botanical Garden is quite pretty in May and I recommend a trip if you are in the area. I expect to have some more photos and articles from the Garden in the near future.