I use a mini Beelink PC with the GNOME edition of Fedora with my TV (see discussing in my article on syncing Umineko When They Cry with Syncthing). While I have played some visual novels on the Beelink, I mainly use it for watching local videos and streaming anime from Crunchyroll and HiDive.  I usually watch videos in the evening, so I put the computer on a shutdown timer.  For example, if I want to have my computer turn off automatically in 90 minutes, I open a terminal and type:

shutdown +90

I started a video yesterday evening, opened a terminal, and intended to type shutdown +90.  However, it was late, and I am arguably more prone to weird typos when the hours grow long.  See what I typed below:

shutdown +00

I was initially surprised when my computer immediately shut down.  However, just before it shut down, I caught a glimpse of the 00.  This typo is not nearly as fun as my old protonvon story and I doubt that it will inspire a fictional New Leaf Journal character.  But it amused me.