SoraNews24 reported that the Pigeon Calculator, a Japanese mobile app with an accurate description, is now available in English.  The app, which comes from the people behind a pigeon metaverse concept, does appear to be a basic calculator app with an avian flourish.  SoraNews24 elaborated:

In addition to pigeon, crow, and eagle, there is also a “sexy pigeon” option which coos much more sexually than your average pigeon.

In light of the fact that your humble New Leaf Journal editor is a well-known pigeon fan who has written a number of reviews of Android applications, including full-length pieces on an Inflation Calculator and progressive web app calculator game, one may think I will review the Pigeon Calculator.  However, given my preference for open source apps on my phone, which is running LineageOS, and my specifically not being inclined to install a calculator app which shares location information with third parties, I will stick to the SoraNews24 report and the exciting Google Play and App Store pages.  For those of you who are interested in trying what looks like a fun app, it is free of cost.