I run the Arch Linux-based EndeavourOS distribution on my main workstation. My primary package managers are pacman (for the regular Arch packages) and yay (for the Arch User Repository). While I am by no means a Linux package manager expert, I am more competent than I was when I was a bit shaky on the commands. I knew more than enough when I wrote last year that advising people to use yay by repeatedly tapping the enter key without also reminding people to actually read the prompts is a bad idea. I do not exclusively use EndeavourOS. For example, in January 2022, I wrote about also using apt on different systems. I now use Fedora Linux on a mini PC designated for TV-use. Fedora uses dnf. While I follow my own advise when using pacman and yay and read the prompts before continuing with an installation, I do usually press “enter” instead of “y” to continue. I initially carried that habit over to dnf. However, dnf, at least as it is configured by default on Fedora, does not accept enter in lieu of y. While y continues the installation (much like in pacman and yay), pressing enter exits the process. I adjusted.