Back in July, I wrote about switching from Thunderbird 91 in the Manjaro package repositories to Thunderbird 102 in the Arch User Repository. I stuck with the new and shiny version of Thunderbird with no issues. In late August, I changed my entire desktop operating system from Manjaro Linux to EndeavourOS. While both Manjaro and EndeavourOS are based on Arch Linux, EndeavourOS uses the regular Arch package repositories instead of its own. However, when I first installed EndeavourOS, the Arch repos still had the previous Thunderbird line, so I installed the same AUR version that I had been using on Manjaro.

Yesterday (9/20), I noticed that the Arch repositories now have the newer version of Thunderbird (I noticed because the AUR version fell behind, albeit so did the regular Arch version). Since I prefer using the Arch repositories when all else is equal, I installed it. Because it looks to the same location in my home directory for settings, there was no issue with my various accounts not being picked up. However, there was a strange display issue where the edges of my Thunderbird window were black, rendering the text unreadable and completely obfuscating some of the icons. I switched back to the AUR package and found the issue resolved. But the Arch package was still having display issues. I reflected on it and determined that the issue could be the theme I was using. On the Arch version, I deactivated my theme. The display was fixed. Then I re-activated my theme and it applied itself with no issue. Thus, if you have display issues after switching from the AUR Thunderbird to the Arch Thunderbird, check to see if you may need to deactivate and reactivate your theme (if you are using a theme).

What is my theme? Two little birds. It is a beautiful theme and I do like birds. While I do like the AmigaOS theme I ran for a bit on Manjaro, we need a full Two Little Birds XFWM4 theme.