On July 30, 2021, I reported on the unceremonious end of Google Bookmarks. The demise of Google Bookmarks was notable because of how unnotable it was. It was unclear whether Google remembered that Google Bookmarks existed. I thought that I had never heard of it until I discovered that I had four (and only four) bookmarks, all from 2008 and 2010 (apparently I knew it existed at one time). Today I learned that Google Timer has been added to the list of defunct Google products. Before Google Timer was killed, you could, for example, type “5 minute timer” into Google Search and receive a pausible five-minute timer. Fear not, however, some other search engines offer the same timer functionality that Google has taken away. You can start a timer in DuckDuckGo (5-minute timer in DuckDuckGo) and Brave (5-minute timer in Brave). I hope that Mojeek, which recently added a nice calculator to its search, comes up with its own timer.