Mojeek is a unique alternative search engine. What makes it unique compared to most alternative search engines is that it uses its own index. Of the well-known general-purpose search engines, only Brave is fully in the independent-index business. Mojeek is also adding additional features to its search. For example, it recently added a calculator tool. In November, Mojeek posted a full guide to its calculator syntax. It is good to see Mojeek working on adding neat features to what I hope will become a viable primary search engine for most use-cases in the near future, all while staying true to its core mission. I request that Mojeek add random number generator syntax as well (e.g., try searching “random number between 1 and 10 in DuckDuckGo).

I will review Mojeek and a few other independent search engines in the near future. In the interim, you can read my review of Peekier, which presents a unique take on search while relying primarily on Bing’s index.