I usually use ONScripter-EN to run visual novels written in that scripting language. To that effect, I wrote guides on using ONScripter-EN on Linux with the binary installed system-wide and within a specific directory. Also see my guide on extracting the contents of Windows ONScripter-EN exe files. Although I almost always use ONScripter-EN, I like having the non-EN ONScripter around too. I run EndeavourOS, which is based on Arch Linux, and the Arch User Repository has an ONScripter package.  Unlike the ONScripter-EN package in the AUR, the ONScripter package usually installs and updates without an issue.

I had an available upgrade for ONScripter that I tried to run on the evening of January 19, 2023. The upgrade failed. I lost the terminal output, but the issue involved the new release having smpeg as a dependency, but my not being able to build it because I had an smpeg1 package installed. I uninstalled ONScripter, which took the offending package with it. After doing so, I was able to install with no issue.