My review of the Return to Shironagasu Island visual novel was our 700th full article on The New Leaf Journal. While I do not have anything special planned for the milestone like I did for our 100th and 500th articles (and our 100th newsletter), I thought that it would be fun to list our articles by the 100s.

  1. Is my cat deaf, or does she not just give a…
    Victor V. Gurbo. September 10, 2020.
  2. Bird in Review 〜 The Nonpareil
    Nicholas A. Ferrell. January 9, 2021.
  3. The Poor Little Bird 〜 A Doujin Digital Picture Book Review
    Nicholas A. Ferrell. May 5, 2021.
  4. The 1895 Homing Pigeon Experiment On the Manoubia
    Nicholas A. Ferrell. September 20, 2021.
  5. On Facebook’s Threat (Or Promise?) To Leave Europe
    Nicholas A. Ferrell. February 10, 2022.
  6. Visual Novel Review – Adagio
    Nicholas A. Ferrell. June 9, 2022.
  7. Return to Shironagasu Island Review
    Nicholas A. Ferrell. October 31, 2022.

It looks like it usually takes about 4 months to publish 100 articles, with the longest gap coming between articles 400 and 500. I hit the milestone for the last six times after my distinguished colleague, Victor V. Gurbo, published our 100th article. One may note that articles 300, 600, and 700 were visual novel reviews. When I published the first of those three, I had no idea that we had hit article 300. I was aware of our 600th article milestone when I published the Adagio review since I had by then published our running article list, but I had no specific plans to give the Adagio review the honor. As we approached article 700, I wanted to give the nod to Shironagasu (not least because putting that article together required some heavy-lifting), and things worked out just right. Will article 800 also be a visual novel review? I suppose we will find out in early 2023.