One of my articles on a strange search engine appearing in our referrer logs unexpectedly appeared on page 1 of Hacker News. Do people like strange search engines? In today’s strange search engine entry – I discovered Publishers Clearing House search. Why does Publishers Clearing House have a search tool? Who turns to Publishers Clearinghouse to find perennially virid writing content on the internet? I cannot answer those questions, but I can tell you after a few test searches that the PCH search engine uses Bing’s search index – which is the case for most alternative search tools (see e.g., DuckDuckGo, Qwant, Ghostery Glow, and Swisscows).  Because I have no particular interest in testing PCH search further (I will sadly miss out on an amazing prize – I’m sure), I will end my inquiry by noting that it has a cool owl mascot, albeit not as cool as Peekier’s. If you are curious how I find referrer information, you can read my review of our privacy-friendly local analytics solution, Koko Analytics.