I explained in an article about my WordPress writing workflow that I do not draft my articles in the WordPress block editor. Instead, I draft my articles in markdown and then convert them to either .odt or .docx in LibreOffice Writer for editing. From there, I copy the LibreOffice document into WordPress where I make final formatting edits for publication in The New Leaf Journal and add necessary HTML tags to links. While this is not the best practice, it works well enough.

I have one annoying issue with copying from .odt. If my .odt article has links, the links have are surrounded by <dfn> </dfn> tags in WordPress, which causes them to display italicized. When I copy from .odt, I remove the <dfn> tags from the links in WordPress. Do any readers know why these tags are added? I am not sure if it is at the Pandoc stage (I use Pandoc to convert from markdown to .odt) or a quirk in going from .odt to the WordPress block editor. Let me know if you know what is happening here. I will be happy to publish a clear and concise answer to this interesting translation issue with credit.

(The <dfn> tags do not appear from copying from .docx files but my block quotes are ignored when copying from .docx whereas they are not when copying from .odt. Feel free to weigh in on this issue as well.)