(This is part of my series of articles on BLOB DYLAN.)

On January 26, 2021, I photographed “BLOB DYLAN” graffiti in Bushwick, Brooklyn. That photograph spawned an article, which led to a follow-up article and eventually an investigation into the figure behind BLOB DYLAN. While I was able to discover that the original Blob Dylan Blob Dylan-er likely began his work in Florida before moving to New York City, I ultimately had to leave many Blob questions unanswered. Moreover, I have not personally seen a Blob Dylan since the Bushwick sighting in 2021. However, the fact that I have not seen Blob does not mean that Blob is not spreading in Brooklyn. According to a post by Mr. Apurva Chitnis on his Substack blog, Blob tags are common in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Brooklyn Navy Yard, and Greenpoint. (I featured a Williamsburg photo once on site, but I have not been there in a while.)

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It would be one thing if Mr. Chitnis was only reporting new Blob Dylan graffiti sightings, but he also reported a (likely) Blob Dylan sighting:

I caught just a glimpse of their face — a nod, wink and smile, then a walk into the afternoon sunshine.

Rather than retell Mr. Chitnis’s story, I will refer you to his fun article. The post also includes many original Blob Dylan photographs (not of the Blob Dylan, however) and Mr. Chitnis’s fond reflections on the work. If you enjoy his Substack content, you may be interested in my post on adding Substack RSS feeds to your feed reader.

May 28, 2024 Update: The original blog post which inspired this article is no longer live. I replaced the original link with a Wayback Machine link.