I am currently reading through the eight-part Umineko When They Cry visual novel series (parts 1-4 and 5-8). I have finished part five and am waiting for my friend to finish five before I start six. Umineko is in part a murder mystery, and while the games do not require player input (the Umineko visual novels are kinetic like its sister Higurashi series and other visual novels I have reviewed such as May Sky), it is fun to try to solve the mysteries presented in the first five chapters before the protagonist, Battler Ushiromiya, eventually (presumably) discovers the truth of the events on Rokkenjima in October 1986 (Rokkenjima is the isolated island on which the murder stake place).

Umineko has a mechanic called red truths, wherein if the witch against whom Battler is doing battle (Beatrice) says something in red, it is necessarily true with no proof required. Navigating the red truths is key to constructing the truth of the murders in each chapter.  I found a terrific resource on the When They Cry wiki listing all of the red truth assertions in order, separated by chapter.  With this, I can review red truth assertions from previous chapters while avoiding spoilers from chapters 6-8.  When using the guide, be aware that “1” refers to chapter 2 because the red truth mechanic was not introduced in chapter 1.

Note: I am playing with the 07th Mod patches.