Courtesy of Mr. Brad Linder of Liliputing — “Dasung Link is a 6.7 inch E Ink monitor for your smartphone“:

While we’ve seen phones with E Ink displays before, the Dasung Link is more like an E Ink second screen for the phone you already have. The company calls it an E-ink Phone Monitor.

Interesting. The full article at Lilputing includes promotional screenshots, a video, and a link to the Indiegogo page for the project (it is not live as of this writing). Dasung is producing three versions of the monitor, with two being wireless for Android and iOS respectively and the third being a wired model for phones that support video over USB. The monitors are 6.7 inches and the pixel density of the display is 300 pixels for inch.

Having just called for an e ink phone with a QWERTY keyboard the other day, I took an interest in this e ink monitor.  I read my RSS feeds and Wallabag saved articles on my phone, and doing so would be much more pleasant on an e ink display. I assume that this device will be more than I am willing to spend (having seen some of Dasung’s other offerings) and I would have some questions about it not answered by the article. But at the very least, perhaps it is one step toward increasing the universe of interesting consumer e ink displays.