From Roaming rooster captured by cops in lower Manhattan (NY Post – March 22, 2023):

Cops then flocked to the scene and nicknamed the rooster Chad — possibly after a “chicken”-like co-worker — before hauling him into the 5th Precinct.  When The Post stopped by to learn the fate of the city-dwelling squawker Wednesday afternoon, the sound of the rooster crowing could be heard booming from inside the police station.

(I chuckled when I read that they named the rooster Chad.)

We have covered our fair share of lost bird stories here at The New Leaf Journal. Although we did cover emus misbehaving in Australia, we had not yet covered the story of a lost bird being taken to a police station until now (we did once report on police briefly corralling a peacock, however). Fortunately, the Post reported that Chad was set to be released to an upstate animal sanctuary (another emu story featured a lost New Jersey emu sent straight to the shelter, skipping the police precinct).