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Now, after several City Council meetings, petitions and an open forum, South Pasadena has become the latest California city to remove the peafowl and relocate them to private farms, ranches and open spaces in the state. The process began on Dec. 2, 2022, and the city is now looking for volunteers to place 10-by-10-foot cages in their yards to aid with trapping efforts.

I read all of the complaints about the peafowl from some South Pasadena residents. The birds sound better behaved than a good number of supposedly domesticated dogs in New York City (see examples). Either the dogs are better behaved in South Pasadena or there are some anti-avian double standards at work. But that aside, the real reason I shared this story was so I could link to my single article about a peacock from May 2020.

Originally published on January 14, 2023.