From Texas in February 2021:

As bone-chilling temperatures killed power and froze water pipes in homes on Texas’s South Padre Island, in the Gulf of Mexico, residents embarked on an all-out rescue mission: saving freezing sea turtles. At least 4,900 of them.

I once had a “microblog” post type here at The New Leaf Journal. It featured in an image in one of our most-read articles. I deleted the post type because it relied on a very old plugin that had some theme integration issues. Prior to deleting the plugin, I wisely deleted all of the microposts. However, a few still receive hits, which turn into 404s because I did not have automatic redirects configured properly. One of the those 404s refers to a micropost about rescuing sea turtles. I am almost certain that I was writing about the great frozen sea turtle rescue in Texas in 2021. Thus, I will use our new leafbuds category to bookmark a good article on the (sea turtle)-heartwarming story. Now that re-direct will be well directed.

Originally published on January 19, 2023.