On April 12, 2023, the New York Post reported on the NYPD’s rescuing a coyote from the East River. Police departments like sharing heartwarming animal rescue stories. We have covered police stories involving peacocks, ducks, emus, and roosters (what is up with the birds?). The NYPD shared the story to Twitter. Now when you share a nice story to Twitter, you can always expect to receive a comment from the well actually guy (so I understand, we do not get many Twitter comments). Mr. or Ms. Well Actually struck here. According to the Post, a brilliant Twitter user informed the NYPD that coyotes know how to swim. Now this is true. I recently examined a story involving sea-faring wild pigs and noted a not-so-slick burn heard in my high school days which referenced the fact that muskrats can swim. Most mammals can swim (I cannot, however). But the thing with Well Actually is that Well Actually is usually full of it. The NYPD Twitter account corrected the Well Actually guy or gal:

[Coyotes can swim], but not in the East River. Extremely strong currents and no shoreline to swim anywhere nearby.

Had Well Actually taken a second to think before tweeting, he or she may have realized that technically being able to swim does not mean that one will make his or her way out of the East River. Alas, impulse control and careful thinking are not commonly associated with Well Actuallyism.