Starting today, and continuing every Sunday, The New Leaf Journal will publish recommendations by its writers of content from around the internet. Along with each recommendation, The New Leaf Journal editor or writer who is making the recommendation will briefly explain why the content is of interest. In addition to these staff recommendations, we will also post the link to one of our older New Leaf Journal articles with a brief description of the content. In future posts, we may include other sorts of recommendations.

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Below, you will find recommended content from around the web by Victor V. Gurbo and N.A. Ferrell.

Victor V. Gurbo’s Content Recommendations From Around the Web

Product Listing by Retrofret: Fender Stratocaster Owned and Played by Ry Cooder

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Victor says: “This is not an article, but instead a sale listing full of very interesting information. The listing offers the history of the very first guitar that Ry Cooder modified. Mr. Cooder was ranked by Rolling Stone Magazine as the eighth greatest guitarist of all time, and his guitar modifications sparked a sub-genre of guitars called ‘Coodercasters.’”

Rolling Stone: “Bob Dylan Rejected a $400 Million Hipgnosis Offer Before Universal Music Deal”

Ethan Millman. Dec. 8, 2020.

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Victor says: “The internet (or at least all the Bob Dylan fan groups I’m in) has been freaking out about Mr. Dylan’s selling his entire music catalogue. The article may help put at ease those who are worried that this sale represents the end of Mr. Dylan’s touring days. Instead, it looks like Mr. Dylan secured the rights to perform his own music with the deal he accepted, and the deal does not cover any unreleased or unwritten material. Mr. Dylan has been touring steadily since 1988 and has been performing at close to 100 shows each year. Something tells me that the show will go on.”

BayRidginals Podcast: “Part 1 of 2 with Musician, Artist, and Bay Ridge Native, Victor Gurbo!”

Liam McCabe with Victor V. Gurbo. Nov. 30, 2020.

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Victor says: “I ask you to bear with my obvious self-promotion. “BayRidginals” is a podcast hosted by Liam McCabe, documenting unique individuals in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I invite you to listen to me ramble about art, music, Bob Dylan, and being a musician during the ongoing pandemic.”

Nicholas A. Ferrell’s Content Recommendations From Around the Web

New York Post: “Dozens of sugar gliders need a new home after owner ‘overwhelmed’ by babies”

Eileen AJ Connelly. Dec. 12, 2020.

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Nick says: “The New York Post reports that a Massachusetts animal rescue center is looking for a home for 44 sugar gliders. I barely resisted making an inquiry, but I make no promise that you will be able to do likewise after looking deeply into the eyes of the sugar glider in the article’s featured image.”

Findka: “Why I don’t take notes”

Jacob O’Bryant. Oct. 19, 2020.

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Nick says: “As someone who successfully got through school without taking notes, I related to this wonderful content, although I would offer a different take on some points if I wrote about it here.”

Axios: “Grubhub sued for listing restaurants without permission”

Ina Fried. Oct. 29, 2020.

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Nick says: “Grubhub’s battery-powered delivery bikes terrorize the sidewalks of Brooklyn, New York. It must be shut down. At first I hoped for a pedestrian revolt, but then I read about this wonderful lawsuit alleging that Grubhub has been listing food establishments without their permission. There is no choice – we must shut it down until someone can figure out what is going on.”

New Leaf Classic – Recommendation From Our Archives

“Justin & Justina 〜 The Dangers of Heroism”

Nicholas A. Ferrell. Oct. 17, 2020.

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Nick says: “Because I concluded my off-site recommendations by denouncing Grubhub and its battery-powered bikes, my recommended New Leaf Journal article for the week is a fictional dialogue that I wrote about the aftermath of being hit by an e-bike. While I was never injured by an e-bike, I was lightly hit by one on a day in late 2018 when I was walking to an appointment to have a tooth extracted. The timing still tickles me.”