I went for a Thanksgiving walk around noon. While walking by a tree pit on Pierrepont Street in Brooklyn Heights, I happened across a group of four pigeons.

A photo of four pigeons in a tree pit in Brooklyn Heights on Thanksgiving in 2022.
Photographed with my Pixel 3a XL phone on Thanksgiving afternoon in Brooklyn Heights.

Prior to seeing the pigeons, I took some photos of doves and geese in Brooklyn Bridge Park. However, I had a feeling that those photos may not be amenable to publication (I was correct), so I could not pass up the chance for a pigeon close-up. While this shot was easy in the sense that I was standing right over the pigeons (these pigeons did not particularly care about my presence), it was a bit tricky getting the fourth pigeon on the right into the shot. He or she was cut off in the first two photos that I took, but I got all of the pigeons in the third.

Pierrepont Street has a good number of pigeon residents, albeit the pigeons are more frequently found about two blocks up from where I took this photo on a shady stretch with relatively tall buildings. I took a photo of a rather aesthetic pigeon about three blocks away on Pierrepont last December. Moreover, the area sees occasional doves – my short post on a photo of a dove on Love Lane is about a 90 second walk from where I spotted these four pigeons.