I have been busy as of late. When I am busy, I post short articles centered on my shaky phone camera photographs. The theme of this week has been birds in New York City. Yesterday’s post featured a posing pigeon in Manhattan. But pigeons are easy to photograph. We need a challenge that falls somewhere between a pigeon and an armadillo. Doves in New York City provide a good middle ground. They are common enough but more skittish around people than their pigeon cousins. I featured my first dove photo article on September 2. Today I present another dove. This one was found on Love Lane in Brooklyn Heights.

A dove walking along the sidewalk on Love Lane in Brooklyn Heights.

Love Lane is a somewhat barren lane in Brooklyn Heights which connects Hicks and Henry Streets with dead ends at each. It used to extend beyond Henry, but it was cut off by the construction of a pretty court house in the 1940s or 50s. Love Lane has a one-way off-shoot about half-way down its length called College Place (there is no college, however). The main features of Love Lane are a large condo (which was converted from a garage) and a few carriage houses. All in all, there is not much there. By “not much” I also mean not much greenery. It is not where one would expect to find a dove (or pigeon, for that matter).

Yet one day in early September, I found a dove walking in the street along the curb, munching on what I imagine were seeds in the weeds growing along the edge of the street. Traffic was of little concern because not too many cars or bikes take the Love Lane route. I took a few pictures of the dove when it was in the street and when it hopped onto the sidewalk. It paid me little mind. Unfortunately, the pictures did not come out too well. I did a little bit of work on the best of the bunch, which shows the dove munching on the sidewalk, and posted it above. Before I left, the dove hopped back into the street and continued doing what it was doing without paying me any mind.