Many video games ask the player to name the protagonist. I almost always have to stop and think about what to name the protagonist of a particular game. My New Leaf Journal colleague, Victor V. Gurbo, has no such difficulty. If the game allows him to choose a first and last name, he names his character RICHARD NIXON. If there is only a single name, his character is NIXON. Why does Victor always name his video game characters after the 37th President of the United States? Who knows? Why is the name in caps? Beats me. In any event, I have covered Victor’s unusual naming conventions here at The New Leaf Journal in a humorous story from Animal Crossing: New Horizons and a series on our Pokémon battles.

But I digress. That lead-up was necessary only to explain why I decided to take a picture of a certain truck last summer.

On July 9, 2021, I was walking down Court Street across from Brooklyn’s Borough Hall. This particular stretch of Court Street has cultivated a distinct third-world vibe over the past two years, so I try to walk through it quickly when I must. While I was walking, I happened to notice a truck with a striking logo pass by.

A photo of a NIXON Medical truck driving past Brooklyn Borough Hall on Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn.
As advertised. The bulding across the street on the left side of the image is Brooklyn Borough Hall. The building across the street and straight ahead is the Brooklyn Municipal Building.

I noticed “NIXON” spelled out boldly on the side of the truck. Loath to miss my chance for to capture a must-have photo, I quickly readied my Motorola Moto e6 and snapped the picture with the Open Camera App. Then, I proceeded to send the photo to Victor (“NIXON”).

I did not have time to see what the NIXON truck transported when I took the picture. Upon further review, it appears that NIXON Medical is involved in apparel and equipment for doctors and hospitals. Now I have never had reason to buy such things, and I cannot vouch for NIXON Medical , but I will say they have a nice website that worked properly even with my ad and script blocking settings enabled. You can see an archived version of the homepage. I suppose if you are in the market for medical equipment, the NIXON truck photo has all the information you need to start shopping.

If Victor’s NIXON gets back into Animal Crossing, perhaps he ought to try a hospital aesthetic in the East Wing of his mansion (the West Wing is presumably in use).