On the morning of September 12, 2023, I walked past a patch of grass in Brooklyn Bridge Park where I have previously both observed geese and also been observed by geese. On this occasion, I saw a solitary adult goose on the patch of grass. This struck me as unusual. When you see geese on land in Brooklyn Bridge Park or nearby areas, you usually see a pair of geese if not an entire goose family. For this reason, I suspected that there may be another goose nearby. As I reached the end of the path adjacent to the patch of grass, I found what I expected – another adult goose. The reason the goose had strayed away from its mate became obvious.

A goose drinks from a puddle in Brooklyn Bridge Park. You can see the pier with basketball and pickeball courts in the background.

The goose was thirsty. Fortunately for the goose, it had been raining not too long before my walk. Rain leaves puddles. I learned here that geese prefer to stand outside the puddles they drink from, unlike pigeons.

It is not every day that you see a goose drinking from a puddle. I adjusted my angle and zoomed in to chronicle this beautiful scene of avian nature in Brooklyn, New York.

The goose goes for another drink…

A goose stands over a puddle in Brooklyn Bridge Park.


A goose drinks from a puddle in Brooklyn Bridge Park.


A goose dribbles water after drinking from a puddle in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The goose would go for another drink. I chronicled that too. You can see the rest of the photos in part two