I had planned to post at least one photo article for Halloween 2023. Unfortunately, I missed it by a few days – much like I did for a car with a hat in 2020 and a large flying witch in 2022. But “better late than never” is a good motto (sometimes). I present to you a snake skeleton in Carroll Gardens with a warning:

A Halloween snake skeleton seen in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn, with its head positioned over a sign. In the background we see a lawn, fake tombstones, and paving stones creating a path on the lawn.
Interesting sign…

There are way too many skeleton “decorations” for Halloween. They are often in poor taste, although there is certainly worse taste. On occasion, you will see a skeleton that is at least cleverly positioned. But most of the skeletons are lazy (maybe the fictional people died of laziness).

The skull peaking out of a fake grave in the background is an example of could be worse.

The snake skeleton, however, is a stroke of genius.

But what is that sign I see it with?

A Halloween snake skeleton with fangs seen in a front yard in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Its head is on top of a sign which reads: "To the person who is cutting and stealing our flowers
Forgive the alignment issue, for I cannot I explain it.
Snake skeleton sign text:



I also appreciated the snake skeleton’s positioning: Serving as protector of flowers. Who would steal flowers from a garden guarded by a snake skeleton?

While our 2023 snake decoration is not nearly as creative in and of itself as the flexible hose snake-like creature I covered in 2022 (it made a re-appearance in 2023 in a different position), it surpasses last year’s snake in terms of sentiment if nothing else. Let it be said that the 2023 snake skeleton is the only skeleton “decoration” of Halloween 2023 that made me chuckle.