I have posted many articles centered on photos of Halloween decorations over the last two years. Today, I present the most creative Halloween decoration that I have come across in Brooklyn, a snake built from some sort of plumbing or heating flexible hose:

A Halloween snake or deep-sea creature created from a flexible hose coiled around a rail on a Brooklyn stairwell.

This guy is magnificent. The double mouth makes it look like some hitherto undiscovered deep-sea creature. Whoever set it up also did a great job of coiling it around the iron railing along the entry stairway. So many of the so-called Halloween “decorations” consist of nothing more than randomly placed skeletons (often dismembered) and past-their-prime gourds. If one must go all out on Halloween decorations, it is nice to see some effort go into it. The snake, or deep-sea creature, is a tremendous effort.