Continuing in my recent series of articles on good Halloween decorations, we take yet another trip to Carroll Gardens – a neighborhood with plenty of them. Below, you will find a picture of a Carroll Gardens stoop with a jack-o-lantern man and autumnal reef hanging from the door and two charming little Halloween scarecrows in clay flower pots – not to mention a rooster figure.

A brownstone stoop decorated with a hanging jack-o-lantern man and two small Halloween scarecrows in a flowerpot.
I took this with my KODAK Digital Still Camera. Retouched for publication by Victor V. Gurbo.

Seeing this scene convinced be that scarecrows are the most economical Halloween decorations. When you think about it, a scarecrow can plausibly be a decoration for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. The fox scarecrow on the right is a perfect example of this. While your neighbors are scrambling to replace rotting pumpkins and giant inflatable Frankensteins with a giant inflatable turkey, you barely have to lift a finger to present your Halloween scarecrows as Thanksgiving scarecrows.

To be sure, the above scene – which is not done full justice by my picture – inclines more toward Thanksgiving than Halloween, despite the fact that I took it within two weeks of Halloween. The principle of economical Halloween scarecrows should hold even for more heavily-Halloween-themed set-ups, however. Credit to this home not only for the good display, but also for their being ready for Thanksgiving while still covering Halloween.

I will note, however, that re-branding the jack-o-lantern as a Thanksgiving decoration might be a stretch.