In this post, we resume the Justin and Justina dialogue series, which covers the conversations of two unusual-yet-similarly-named friends in Brooklyn. In today’s post, we find Justin and Justina crossing Sackett Street to get from the Columbia Street Waterfront District in Brooklyn to Carroll Gardens – just a few blocks down from a certain bridge-crossing at Summit Street. While waiting to cross into Carroll Gardens, Justina’s attention is arrested by a flier taped to a electrical box with a QR code. The flier reads “HOW DOES GROWTH EVEN HAPPEN?” What does this mean? There is no one better to ask than Justin.

The Dialogue

Justina: Hey, what’s this?
Justin: What’s what?
Justina: This flier here. It has a QR code. Let me get my scanner…
Justin: Justina…
Justina: What?
Justin: You shouldn’t scan random QR codes on the street.
Justina: Why not?
Justin: You don’t know where they go. That’s like taking candy from a stranger. You need to see the full URL.
Justina: But it looks funny…
Justin: It does… alright. I’ll get a picture for everyone and crop out the QR code.
Justina: Everyone?

A strange flier seen in Brooklyn New York with a sheet-covered person clutching a flower pot and asking how does growth happen.
I (N.A. Ferrell) took a photo of the flier at issue in this dialogue on the morning of June 3, 2022. As Justin and Justina explain, there is a QR code underneath the text – but I am not inclined to publish mysterious QR codes or stickers in the fine pages of the instant perennially virid publication.

Justin: I’ve been seeing these fliers pop up around this area. But most don’t make any sense. This one really makes you think.
Justina: About how growth even happens?
Justin: No, about who the guy is under the bedsheet.
Justina: How do you know it’s a guy? Sexist.
Justin: Man’s intuition, young lady.
Justina: …
Justin: Are you saying a man can’t have intuition?
Justina: Anyway – I don’t get it. What’s the point of this? I could find out but you won’t let me scan the QR code.
Justin: I think it’s a young philosopher.
Justina: Come again?
Justin: So it’s a young man in a ghost costume.
Justina: Alright.
Justin: See the sandals?
Justina: Yeah.
Justin: Greek philosopher-lite here, walking around in sandals.
Justina: Of course.
Justin: How does growth happen?
Justina: Biology?
Justin: Hose.
Justina: What?
Justin: Why does the man with the hose use so much water?
Justina: I have wondered why men use so much water when they’re cleaning the sidewalk… what is it with you people?
Justin: It’s how growth happens.
Justina: What?
Justin: Internal growth.
Justina: You’re not making any sense.
Justin: The pot there – that’s the man’s soul. He’s wondering how it grows.
Justina: I don’t think it is.
Justin: He wants to know how his soul grows into Cyrus’s garden.
Justina: Who?
Justin: This is pretty deep. Real shame about my no-weird-QR code policy.
Justina: It just occurred to me that you never explained why the guy is wearing a bedsheet.
Justin: That hadn’t occurred to me. I forgot. Let’s see…
Justina: That wasn’t an invitation!
Justin: You know, you can learn how growth happens with a small downpayment.
Justina: How small?
Justin: If you refer five friends, your personal downpayment is $500. Each friend pays $2000.
Justina: …
Justin: There are people scanning weird QR codes who would take me up on that offer.