I continue my tour of 2020 Halloween decorations in Brooklyn with what is perhaps my favorite yet. The series began with an inflatable happy Halloween ghost offering a happy Halloween pumpkin and my commentary on how Halloween decorations can be fun without being gross. Today, I present to you an inflatable trick-or-treating Halloween ghost seen outside of the Happy Sprouts Family Daycare in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn:

An inflatable Halloween ghost in front of a daycare that appears to be going on a trick-or-treating adventure.
Photo by N.A. Ferrell – taken with Open Camera App on BlackBerry Classic. Retouched for publication by Victor V. Gurbo.

Like the first happy Halloween ghost in Brooklyn Heights, this ghost is smiling. However, I have reason to believe that this ghost might not be a ghost at all, but perhaps something in a ghost costume. Regardless of whether it is, in fact, a ghost, it wears a wizard’s hat, and carries a lanter, and something in its left hand that I cannot make out due to the lighting. This happy Halloween ghost or non-ghost looks like it is setting off on a trick-or-treating adventure. The three painted pumpkins look as if they are trailing behind, following the lead of the ghost or non-ghost with a wizard’s hat, although perhaps having forgotten their costumes.

I must give credit to the daycare for finding the perfect Halloween decoration for young children. It is fully in the spirit of the season, but portrays an adventurous spirit befitting the venue. As the Halloween spider family I published the other day shows, one can have creepy decorations that do not transgress the boundaries of good taste. The jovial Halloween ghost at the preschool is a prime examine of a charming Halloween decoration that perfectly matches an intended audience.

One final note: I took this Halloween ghost picture using my new Open Camera App on my BlackBerry Classic. It is not entirely fair to compare it to the first Halloween ghost picture due to the fact that it was brighter out when I took the picture for the instant article. Nevertheless, I think that this picture came out quite nicely.

October 30, 2022 Update: I posted a new article featuring a different model of the happy Halloween ghost at the daycare for Halloween 2022. I discovered that this inflatable ghost is not a character from a show (like I suspected in 2020), but a decoration available on Amazon and other major online retailers. I also discovered another instance of the 2022 model in Brooklyn Heights (which neighbors Cobble Hill), but I did not take a photograph of the Brooklyn Heights ghost.