On October 21, 2019, several months before the official launch of The New Leaf Journal, I happened across an inflatable Minion dressed as a ghost for Halloween in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

An inflatable minion disguised as a ghost seen on a front yard in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, in October 2019.

While I had nowhere to publish the photo at that time, I still made use of my BlackBerry Classic to capture the moment. How often does one come across an inflatable ghost Minion?

Long-time New Leaf Journal readers may note that the inflatable creature next to the Minion looks vaguely familiar. He well should, for that orange-and-black dragon returned to the same front yard in 2020, at which time I took a photo of him and published an article on November 20, 2020 (the first of two holiday dragons). The Minion did not make a 2020 appearance.

While I forgot to publish a photo of the ghost Minion in 2020, I thought of it when I published my article on a trick-or-treating Halloween ghost, for the ghost looked like it may have been something dressed as a ghost. Although this 2019 photo was the first time I captured a Halloween Minion in the wild, it is the second to actually be published in these pages. On October 30, 2021, I published an article about a Minion dressed as a vampire for Halloween (which in turn followed my in-depth reporting on a Minion windshield sunshade in Downtown Brooklyn).