Unlike 2020, I have not posted much Halloween-decoration content in 2021. The reasons for this are two-fold. Firstly, I have had other priority projects to complete in October. Secondly, the Halloween decorations in the areas I walk in Brooklyn, New York, have been largely uncreative, unpleasant, and in some cases, outright distasteful. These are issues I commented on in my first 2020 Halloween decoration article, which covered a very pleasant inflatable ghost. But I could not let Halloween 2021 pass without some inflatable Halloween decoration content. For that reason, I present to you an inflatable “Minion” dressed up as a vampire, seen in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn on October 21, 202.

An inflatable Minion dressed as a vampire seen in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, around Halloween 2021.
Retouched for publication by Victor V. Gurbo.

I took the vampire Minion photo on October 21, 2021, with the Open Camera App on my /e/ OS TeraCube e2 phone. I am still getting used to the phone’s camera, and most of the photos (especially at night) have been of questionable quality. But quality concerns aside, our costumed Minion shines in the darkness, happily trick-or-treating without minding the ghost looming over his left shoulder (do Minions have shoulders?).

Assuming that this Minion has vampire-qualities to go with the costume, he likely differs greatly from the Minion windshield sun-shade I photographed in Downtown Brooklyn several months ago. This Minion goes out to play while that Minion sleeps.

Of course, as I suspect was the case with the happy trick-or-treating “ghost” I wrote about last year (that ghost is trick-or-treating in the same location this year), our Minion friend in the photo is not, in fact, an actual vampire.

It is a fine costume, however, and a refreshingly endearing Halloween decoration in the midst of dismembered skeletons and severed limbs, and a large number of dead babies and children.