In 2020, I began a series of Halloween articles with a photo of a very happy-looking inflatable Halloween ghost. For Halloween proper in 2021, I return to the residence that started our Halloween-photograph articles here at The New Leaf Journal to see its 2021 display, a proverbial Halloween ensemble.

A trick-or-treating Halloween ghost among pumpkins, gourds, and lights in a Halloween ensemble seen in Brooklyn Heights in 2021.
Taken with the Open Camera App on my Teracube e2 phone. Edited for publication by Victor V. Gurbo.

In my 2020 article, I compared the happy Halloween ghost favorably with some rather gross decorations that frequent other residences in Brooklyn (and, I am sure, outside Brooklyn). The problem of distasteful Halloween decorations has been worse in 2021 than it was in 2020, which I discussed yesterday in my article about a tasteful inflatable Minion dressed as a vampire.

Unsurprisingly, we could leave it to the building that presented us with a happy ghost last year to provide us with another appealing ensemble. We have a trick-or-treating Halloween ghost (or something in a ghost costume, like we had last year) with a hat. Over the entrance to the building, we have mock spider web and a number of pumpkins and gourds. To the right of the ghost and in front of the stairs going down to the entrance, we have lights and pumpkins.

Just as in 2020, we can count on this building for a Halloween display that suits the occasion in a charming way. I dare say they added some general autumnal flourishes this year, the sort of dual-purpose decorations I praised last year.

The only thing that could make this display (literally) turn bad is if the pumpkins are left out to wither and ooze. But I trust that the owners of this building are on good terms with the “Pumpkin-Taker” and will not allow the lovely display to turn into a 3D Salvador Dali painting.

(Update: As of October 30, 2021, the ghost appears to be hanging out to dry after some rain the night before. We hope that he or she will be fully dry in time for trick-or-treating on Halloween.)