You never know what kind of free stuff you will find while walking around Brooklyn, New York. I have detailed free finds in Brooklyn including, but not limited to, l-shaped desks, chairs, pink chalkboards, fallen truck route signs, and ducks (I think the ducks are free). In those cases, however, I did not take any free stuff home. But some free stuff is too good to pass up. For example, what would you do if you came across a free, unopened, gallon of Poland Spring water?

A gallon of Poland Spring water on a kitchen counter. The water has a piece of paper taped to its front which reads "Free H2O" -- I found the water outside with this sign.
I brought this water home and took this photograph on October 14, 2022.

As you can see, I took the free water home. I submit for the record that it came with the “Free H2O” sign. I vaguely recall taking this picture and having planned to turn it into an article. It appears that I forgot to turn it into an article at the time, and so much time has passed that I do not remember the exact details of where I found the free H2O. Fortunately, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so my inability to describe the precise details of the find did not prevent me from publishing it.