On September 2, 2022, I published an article centered on my photo of a dove on a man-made “beach” at the scenic Brooklyn Bridge Park. One thing that made that article notable is that one is not likely to associate mourning doves with beaches, whether those beaches, even those “beaches” leading into the East River. Two weeks later, I came across two birds that looked a little bit more at home on the Brooklyn Bridge Park beach.

Two geese stand on an artificial beach at Brooklyn Bridge Park with the Manhattan skyline in the background on a bright September morning.
I took this photo with the camera app on my Teracube 2e phone.

My previous geese photo articles featured geese families. I think that baby goose season is over in New York City, so we only have two adult geese in this photo. Fortunately, the geese were willing photography subjects, so I had a number of photographs to choose from. This photo offers a better idea of what the beach looks like in its entirety than my dove article. In addition to the geese and the beach, you have a good view of the Manhattan skyline, although the Freedom Tower is a bit obstructed in the center-left. The pier in the backgrounds is the nicest of the piers of Brooklyn Bridge Park with its lush greenery. If only all of the piers had been turned into jungles.

Nice views aside, the stars of the show are the geese. Perhaps our paths will cross again in a few months for some new baby geese content.