I needed an image for my article on emojis and corporate censorship, so I turned to Openclipart. After finding a suitable image, I scrolled through the entire collection of results that turned up for my “emoji” search query. In so doing, I came across a very creative set of smilies – six pharaoh smilies.

Public domain pharoah smiley with hearts as eyes created by Mohamed Hassan.
One of the six pharoah smilies.

Although I found the smilies on Openclipart, the Openclipart librarian credited them to a digital designer by the name of Mr. Mohamed Hassan on Pixabay. You can see Mr. Hassan’s profile and more of his art on Pixabay.

After my piece on the dark side of emojis, I thought it would be good to balance our content with a positive look at some very creative smilies.