Merry Christmas to all New Leaf Journal readers! That includes those of you discovering this fine content after Christmas (bookmark it for the next Christmas). I had not planned to publish an article on Christmas itself, having considered my work done after my long Christmas Eve post. However, I happened across something that was too perfect to not share today. Meet the Cat Christmas Tree from Openclipart:

"Xmas tree cat" retrieved from Openclipart.  Created and published to by Ms. Linnaea Mallette.

This fine piece of public domain artwork was uploaded to Openclipart by user Liftarn and originally comes from the collection of Ms. Linnaea Mallette on The cat looks simultaneously confused and displeased.

Openclipart is a bit of a goldmine if you know how to search. I have used a number of images from the resource to illustrate my articles and have published pieces on a malcontent turnip girl and a collection of pharaoh emojis from the repository.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their friends and families. We will be back to our normal posting in the coming week.