Re; DistroTube: Linux Must Mimic Windows To Become Popular

This is an interesting video by DistroTube (to be expected), but the title does not aptly describe the content. DistroTube grants that more Windows users may move to Linux if Linux copies Windows, but he is very opposed to the idea. I agree, albeit I will differ from DistroTube a bit on the point of Linux desktops which offer the possibility of a Windows-esque workflow. My adjustment from Linux to Windows was made easy by the fact that my first desktop environment, KDE Plasma, allowed me to learn about Linux while still being able to interact my computer in a familiar way. The principle is similar to my views on making Windows games playable on Linux. Over time, I have learned a good amount about Linux (albeit, I still have a long way to go) and developed a new workflow while using XFCE (primary), Open Box, and Moksha on different devices.