Back in July 2021, I published two articles on rooting Google Nexus 7 (2013 – wi-fi version) tablets to install Ubuntu Touch and LineageOS.  The Ubuntu Touch article has been one of our most-read pieces of all time, but I have gotten far more use out of my LineageOS tablet.  Today, I primarily use my LineageOS tablet as a Wallabag reader.  While I have Wallabag on my phone as well (currently a Pixel 3a XL also running LineageOS), I prefer the reading experience on my tablet.

After not having used my tablet for a few weeks, my Wallabag app was constantly running into server errors (my tablet also charges slowly now, but that’s a separate issue). I have no issue with my phone? What was going on with my tablet?

(Note:  My phone has a much faster internet connection than my tablet, which is part of why I use my phone as my primary RSS reader (Flym-DecSync) instead of my Nexus 7.  However, this does not ordinarily matter for Wallabag.)

Readers of my original LineageOS install review may recall that I rooted my tablet and installed Bromite System Webview to replace the default Android System Webview.  I also used my root privileges to allow F-Droid to run automatic updates in the background (only on my tablet in the latter case, not my phone).  I found that for whatever reason, I had an available-but-uninstalled Bromite System Webview update (to be sure, this is not my first Bromite update story).  After installing the update manually, my Wallabag app has not lost its connection even once.  While I am not absolutely certain that this was the issue, it does seem like whatever version of Bromite System Webview I had installed before the previous update was not agreeing with Wallabag.

(Consider this a helpful guide if you are one of the 2-3 people who happen to have the Wallabag app installed on a Google Nexus 7 (2013) running LineageOS with root and Bromite System Webview.)