I originally published the following microposts about my struggles with a soundbar and universal remote on January 6 and 7 respectively. I eventually wrote a full article on the issue and a follow-up on Bearblog. I originally published the first two posts as “notes,” but I moved from that custom post type to Leaf Buds. However, I wanted to preserve our former content, so you can find the notes as they were originally written here.  Note that I removed references to the IndieBlocks plugin that I had used to originally create the notes.

Soundbar and Roku TV Struggles (January 6, 2023)

Consider this a test post in our new “Notes” category. I posted an expanded version of my Leaflet on my TV soundbar problems over at The New Leaf Annex on Bearblog.

Universal Remote and TCL TV Update (January 7, 2023)

Reposted https://newleafannex.bearblog.dev/universal-remote-tcl-update/.
Yesterday, I wrote about by soundbar TV struggles. I first had to replace my soundbar before my universal remote stopped working. My replacement remote arrived (also GE, but prettier and with more buttons). I tried all of the TCL/TCL Roku TV codes, but none worked. As a last result, I let the remote try to find a code. It did… but it took me three times to connect it to my TV. Everything works now. All’s well that ends well. I will put the whole story together for a New Leaf Journal article this coming week. Your’s truly