Welcome to the (syndicated) 146th edition of our official newsletter The Newsletter Leaf Journal. I sent the original to our subscriber’s inboxes on July 29, 2023. The newsletter, which I re-print with the addition of one link to an article that was forthcoming on the 29th, covered our new articles published between July 22 and 28 (inclusive), 12 links from around the web, and other news and notes.

Leaves from the week that was

I published two regular articles and three leaflets/leaf buds in the previous week. First, I present the articles.

  • Hallmarks of Former Service Members
    Nicholas A. Ferrell. July 23, 2023.

    A story from my college days about how the professor inferred that one student in his class was a veteran.

  • DuckDuckGo in the Bing Pond
    Nicholas A. Ferrell. July 28, 2023.

    A new essay on the tangled relationship of DuckDuckGo and Bing. Note as usual that you should not use either search solution to find The New Leaf Journal since its being de-indexed by Bing means it is also invisible to DuckDuckGo.

Now for the short posts…

Leaves from around the web

I gave you 18 links from around the web last week. However, since I actually published articles this week, we return to our regularly scheduled 12 links.

The Old Leaf Journal

Let’s dig into our archive…

Most-turned leaves of the newsletter week

I list our most-read articles from the previous newsletter week (Friday to Saturday) in each edition of The Newsletter Leaf Journal. These statistics come courtesy of Koko Analytics, our local, privacy friendly page-counting solution (see my review). Below, I present the 5 most-visited articles for 2023 newsletter week 30.

  1. Height differences in anime romances (NAF, 5.22.23)
    5th appearance. 4 top placements.
  2. The Nice Boat 〜 A Look Back at the School Days Anime (NAF, 5.6.21)
    3rd appearance.
  3. Tiki paralogue trick in Fire Emblem Engage (NAF, 2.3.23)
    22nd appearance. 11 to placements.
  4. The Pokémon Special Split in Generation 2 – Statistics and Analysis (NAF, 1.18.22)
    21st appearance.
  5. Abraham Lincoln’s 1851 Letters on Work to John D. Johnston (NAF, 11.4.21)
    2nd appearance.

For the first time since Newsletter Week 16 of 2021 (which fell in April), our ranking is missing my history of the phrase tsuki ga kirei. It posted its weakest week (in terms of page views) since April 2021 and just missed preserving its top-five streak by one stop. Thus, its string of weekly top fives ends at 117 weeks. I have noticed that while it still generates a large number of Google impressions, its average Google ranking has gradually slipped. Why this is the case I know not – I do not see many new articles on the subject that did not exist in 2021. I may look into an update or tweak or two, but in any event – I expect it to still regularly feature in the rankings in 2023.

(Note: I will note that the tsuki ga kirei article posted some of its weakest months in 2021 and 2022 in June-August, so that combined with its general decline could also be a factor.)

Last week was odd beyond the absence of tsuki ga kirei in the ranking. We had a weak top five (weakest 1st and 5th place finishers), but on the whole our total page views (according to Koko) were similar to the previous two weeks because visits were well-distributed across the site. My essay on height differences in anime romances completed its sweep of July in weekly first place finishes (and barring a last minute Hacker News-level surprise, it will be the first anime article to top a monthly ranking). My 2021 essay on School Days made its third all-time weekly top five, which undersells the fact that it is currently our 6th most-visited article of 2023. Finally, my article on an 1851 letter by Abraham Lincoln made its second appearance in three weeks after having been almost invisible for the first half of 2023 (it had four appearances and one first-place finish in the last four months of 2022).

The three dominant articles of the first half of 2023 (tsuki ga kirei, Tiki-Fire Emblem, and my Peekier search engine review) are all trending down and, while I expect my essay on height differences in anime romances to be a factor through the end of the current anime season in late September, it has also fallen off its peak. With our Bing-ban still in effect and no clear dominant article, the next few weeks present a more open path to the top of our weekly rankings than at any point since I began keeping track in January 2021.

I have no New Leaf Journal news to report. So let us skip ahead to the Notable Leaf Journal

Notable leaf journal

I mentioned last week that I had begun using Kodi with my mini PC. This week, I thought of an interesting trick to add only legitimate English-language IPTV channels to the Simple IPTV for Kodi. You can look forward to reading about my set-up in a few days.

Taking leaf

Thank you as always for reading and following The Newsletter Leaf Journal. If you enjoyed the content and have not done so already, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter by email or RSS feed (see options). I also syndicate the newsletter to The New Leaf Journal (I am a bit behind with syndication, but I will catch up this week).

July ended a bit slowly, but I should be able to publish more in the coming weeks as I finish a few work projects and my allergies die down. I have a few projects that were intended for July but subsequently shelved, so perhaps August will be a busy month.

Until August 5,
Cura ut valeas.