On October 21, 2020, I published an article titled “Experiences in the Yandex Webmaster Portal.” As advertised by the title, I discussed using Yandex Webmaster tools for The New Leaf Journal and working within those tools to ensure that our humble online magazine was properly indexed by the Russian search giant. The idea for the piece, however, was inspired by the fact that Yandex presents a search for “The New Leaf Journal” in an aesthetic way, offering a carousel with our ten most-recent articles and associated featured images.

After publishing the article, and before publishing my next article, a thought occurred to me. The featured image for my article on using the Yandex Webmaster tools was an image of the return for the search “The New Leaf Journal.” Thus, upon publishing my new article, the article on using Yandex Webmaster tools with the thumbnail image of the Yandex search results would be the first result on the carousel. I went to confirm my suspicion, and sure enough, Yandex had properly updated.

The Yandex search results and carousel for the term "the new leaf journal" on October 22, 2020, showing the featured image for a New Leaf Journal article that was a picture of the previous day's Yandex search results.
Yandex returns for the search query “the new leaf journal” on October 22, 2020. Screenshot made with the Vivaldi web browser. After reading my post on Yandex Webmaster tools, you can also found the second, third, and fourth articles displayed on the carousel in the screenshot.

Thus, on October 21, 2020, I published an article for which the featured image was a picture of the Yandex search return for the term “The New Leaf Journal,” which showed the featured images for our three most recent articles prior to the publication of the Yandex article. On October 22, 2020, the top featured article image was the picture of the Yandex search carousel for October 21. Because the featured image for this article is a picture of the Yandex carousel from October 22, which shows within the picture a picture of the Yandex carousel from October 21, we are slowly working toward some sort of quasi-recursion.

I am starting to have trouble following this myself, so I will end our quasi-recursive adventures with this post.