On October 22, 2020, I took a photograph of a very noble-looking metal rooster somewhere in Brooklyn.

A photo of a rooster statue in Brooklyn, New York.

When I first looked at the photo after a couple of years, I thought that took this photo outside of a shop on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. The shop sells many magisterial metal statutes, fountains, and garden furniture, which it features outside. Among the collection was a certain metal rooster. However, the photo looks like it may feature a residential building the background, reducing my confidence that it is of the store rooster. It is definitely in Brooklyn, but I am no longer sure precisely where in Brooklyn.

This photo was among the number of photos that I transferred from my BlackBerry Classic using KDE Connect in early 2022. I used to to test a new application called Upscayl, which I also used in an article featuring a Ferris wheel photo that I captured back in 2019 with a real camera.