It occurred to me while I was out walking on the evening of February 8, 2024, that it has been a long time since I posted a fallen street sign article here at The New Leaf Journal. This sounds randomly out of context, and context is often underrated. But here context is correctly rated. I happened upon a fallen one way sign while descending the hill on Columbia Heights from Brooklyn Heights to DUMBO.

While this one way sign was down, there was a corresponding sign standing toward the base of the hill in DUMBO, so I suppose not all was lost. I was not sure what brought down this particular one way sign, but “car” or “truck” seems like the most likely culprit, per usual. I checked our archives and discovered that this is the second fully fallen one way sign article I have posted, following a 2022 report on a high visibility downed one way sign in Brooklyn Heights. While the new 2024 downed one way sign exists between Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO, it is best classified as belonging to the latter. Astute readers may note that I said this is the second fully fallen one way sign article we have covered. I wrote about a half-fallen lamp post in Red Hook which hosted a one way sign among other signs. In that case there was no mystery as to the culprit – high winds.