Uncle Sam last appeared in the pages of The New Leaf Journal on May 4, 2020. In the subsequent four years, he had more articles about Uncle Susan than Uncle Sam. Today is July 4, 2024, Independence Day in the United States and the birthday of the 30th President of the United States, John Calvin Coolidge. If there is any day to remedy our distressing dearth of Uncle Sam content, today is the day. Our first Uncle Sam article featured in a inflatable Uncle Sam seen in the scenic Brooklyn neighborhood of Carroll Gardens. I see no reason to break from tradition (tradition can now be established by a single article published in May 2020), so I present to you a new inflatable Uncle Sam decoration seen in Carroll Gardens.

An inflatable decoration depicting Uncle Sam riding a red white and blue rocket while waving an American flag.
I respect the fact that the small inflatable flag appears to have all 50 stars.

Here we have Uncle Sam riding a rocket (probably fireworks) while holding an American Flag in his right hand. This is both very patriotic (despite the fact I have a sneaking suspicion it was made in China) and very America. This is a country that celebrates the Fourth of July and other big events with a bang.

(With that being said, I am glad the fireworks show is over the Hudson instead of the East River this year. Let Manhattan deal with the people.)

While this inflatable Uncle Sam is in Carroll Gardens just the same as the first inflatable Uncle Sam I featured in these web pages, it is in a less scenic part of Carroll Gardens. The first Uncle Sam was in what I would describe as the inner part of Carroll Gardens, which has quiet streets lined by imposing brownstones. This Uncle Sam was found on Hicks Street, which I have noted in other articles is bisected by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. For the reference of long-time readers, it was not far from the foot of the Summit Street Bridge.